Major Achievements In The Diagnosis And Treatment Of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

Major Achievements In The Diagnosis And Treatment Of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

One of the 8 original NCCN Guidelines® originally published in 1996, for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC), has been published in the 20th annual edition of the NCCN Clinical Practice Guidelines in Oncology (NCCN Guidelines®) by the National Comprehensive Cancer Network.

David S. Ettinger, MD, FACP, FCCP, Alex Grass professor of Oncology, The Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins, and NCCN Guidelines Panel Chair for NSCLC stated in a press release,“Since the first NCCN Guidelines for NSCLC were published 20 years ago, there have indeed been many advances in the diagnosis, screening, and treatment of non-small cell lung cancer.”

Dr. Ettinger notes big and important achievements in the diagnosis and treatment of non-small cell lung cancer, such as the use of positron emission tomography (PET)/CT scan and low-dose computed tomography (CT). He points out that crucial radiotherapy advances include stereotactic body radiotherapy (SABR) and intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT). Furthermore, using video-assisted thoracic surgery (VATS) and minimal invasive surgeries constitutes a very relevant advance.

“Today, clinicians understand the importance of histology — adenocarcinoma versus squamous cell carcinoma — as well as the use of molecular diagnostic studies. Systemic therapy has come a long way with innovations in adjuvant and maintenance therapies, as well as the use of bevacizumab and targeted therapies. In the future, we will likely look to further innovation in immunotherapy, as well”, Dr. Ettinger added.

NCCN is currently developing and publishing 60 guidelines that cover 97 percent of all malignant cancers; these guidelines are updated and expanded through evidence-based programs under the assessment of multidisciplinary experts. This complete library can be fully accessed at the NCCN website.

“Today, lung cancer is the second most common cancer in both men and women[i], and NCCN is proud to have played a pivotal role in promoting the optimal care for these patients for 20 years. We are thankful for the dedication of the NSCLC panel members to furthering the NCCN mission,” stated Robert Carlson, MD, NCCN Chief Executive Officer.

The NCCN 20th Annual Conference: Advancing the Standard of Cancer Care will be held in Florida, at The Diplomat in Hollywood on March 12-14, 2015. NCCN important events and accomplishments and how the institution impacts on the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of cancer treatment and care will be examined, with the objective to improve and provide a higher quality of life to cancer patients.

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